Just a normal girl

I am a new Indie artist who is trying to evolve in this crazy music world we all love. I am going after a dream I've had since I was 17 living in Panama, and my mom said no. (Side note: It's probably good she did; It was a hostile time period, right before the invasion.) As time went on, life just got in the way, and now that I'm older and single, I have nothing standing in my way. So, I'm going for it! And, the name Pixy Muse derives from the karaoke app Smule Sing! where after a year I ended up being in a group of muses, and one of my friends who is also my co-writer gave me that name, and I thought it would be a fun and unique artist name.

I am an artist full of emotion, and you can feel those emotions through my lyrics and my voice. I don't hold anything back, and I feel that no artist should; a good song inokes those feelings the artist puts into his or her music and should be shared with all who listen. I hope that I will be able to invoke those feelings I had as you listen to the words of my songs.

While you're here please fill out the box below and stay in touch with me on ReverbNation., which is where I keep my fans updated and give free access to my music! Thanks for stopping by! XO

Peace, Love & Pixy Dust,